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1. Is Stingle Photos really secure?

For that you don’t need to take our word. Client applications are fully open source and we published Security Whitepaper where we explain in great detail how Stingle Photos work. If you have sufficient expertise you can analyse it and make sure that Stingle Photos does exactly what we have promised.

2. Can you see my photos/videos?

All files are encrypted before leaving your device with the key that you and only you can use. We are just holders of encrypted blobs of data which we can’t decrypt.

3. How to import my photos from legacy SafeCamera app?

1. Install Stingle Photos and open an account

2. Open SafeCamera and select all photos in your gallery

3. Press Share -> Decrypt before sharing

4. Choose Stingle Photos

All your photos from legacy SafeCamera app will be imported to Stingle Photos and securely backed up.

4. I don’t want to backup my stuff, I just want to encrypt locally. Can I do that?

Absolutely. You can turn off backup functionality in settings and you can use Stingle Photos just to encrypt and store photos/videos locally (just like SafeCamera used to work). You will be limited by the storage capacity of your device. All photos/videos that are in Stingle Photos gallery are encrypted and protected from other apps or people.

5. Are there any quality loses for photos and videos?

Absolutely not. When you import files to Stingle Photos it just encrypts files, actually it doesn’t care what’s in them. You get bit by bit exact same files when you decrypt or view them.

6. Can I share my encrypted photos/videos with other apps that don’t support encryption?

Yes. You can choose to share your photos/videos with other apps that accept media. Just beware files will be decrypted to their original format before sharing.

7. What if I forgot my password?

We can’t help you to recover or change your password, as it’s physically impossible, because we don’t have your keys. However you should record your recovery phrase in a safe place and it’s the only way to get back your account and files if you ever forget your password.

8. Where is Stingle Photos hosted?

Stingle Photos are currently hosted on DigitalOcean and it uses Wasabi hot cloud storage for storing encrypted files. Wasabi has eleven nines of durability and offers geo redundant storage, so you can be confident that we will not ever lose your data.

9. How can I delete my account?

Please see this article